• General

    • Do you have a all natural solution for the system?

      Yes we do. The all natural consist of water, soap, soybean oil, corn oil and sodium laurel sulfate

    • How many nozzles will I need?

      Nozzle placement is based off linear feet. We usually put a nozzle every 7 to 10 ft.

    • Can I control the system myself?

      Yes you have an actual remote and the app serves as a remote as well.

    • Will the system last long in the Florida salt air?

       Yes. The tankless systems are powdered coated steel boxes and the drum units are plastic 55 gal drums.

    • Will the mist hurt my dog or cat?

      The all-natural no, with the traditional product its best to schedule mists before or after you typically let your dog out. The traditional product does kill fleas and ticks so it will help protect your pet. If you have a doggie door, we can place the nozzles where it won’t be an issue.

    • Will the spray hurt my kids?

      They are all natural, so no. With the traditional product its best to wait a few minutes after a mist cycle has occurred and then go outside.

    • Will the mist hurt my plants?

      No, as long as we are not misting directly on the plant itself.

    • Where do you attach it to the house?

      We use plastic clamps and attach the tubing and nozzles under the soffit around the home.

    • Where should I put the nozzles?

      Most people install nozzles along the back of the house, backyard area and the front porch.